About Reglis Missing Link

Reglis Missing Link started off, in 2003 as Mellys Maille and Gem. With humble stones, beads and extreemly basic chainmail.  The original audience was friends, family and local markets. It expainded to a very basic web page and leather jewellery was explored and well recieved by the then florishing goth movement.  Due to family comitments the business was put on hold for several years.
In 2010 the buisness returned this time as Reglis Missing Link, hitting the local markets of North East Victoria.  With encoragment from customers, friends and family I commissioned my work to some co-operatives.  Following shortly after this I was offered a studio space and begain the jeourny of full time artiest and Jeweler.  I rapidly out grew the studio space and with my work being so welcomed by locals and tourists we decided to open Reglis Missing Link of Conness St Chiltern.

The Team

Mel Regli

Daniel Regli

Adam Bailey

Melanie Reglis Bio

Melanie Regli is the artist in residence at Reglis Missing Link. Mel is a self taught chain mail jeweller learning from countless hours of practise, trial and error. Raised by a single working mum Mel can credit much of her early learning and creative mind to her Nan. Learning many old home crafts form cooking to knitting, cross-stitch to sewing. Much of Mels 'can do' attitude has come from many hours practising alongside her Nan, with her constant guidance. Chain mail has been a source of creative release for Mel while raising a young family of three. Learning from other artists, jewellers, books and much internet research mixing her crafts to create countless pieces as gifts for her children, friends and family. Living in the suburbs of Melbourne while raising her young family Mel also worked in child care and later in the tech industry building and testing circuitry for security systems sold world wide. After a divorce and moving to Wodonga Mel continued working in child care while still spending many hours creating jewellery for markets. Remarrying in 2014 to Daniel Regli a long lost high school crush and deb partner. In 2015 they move to the historical township of Chiltern. Shortly after moving Mel received a request from a small family cafe business in Chiltern to take up residence in there small studio. With much encouragement from Family and friends Mel took the leap into the world of art and Jewellery retail.